My New Years Resolution....Scratch that...My Resolution

Ok so before I start I do want to say sorry for not posting in a while.  I have trouble with being consistent about the blogging.  So I am going to try this year to be a better blogger!  I'm hoping to do more post, lots of updates maybe even get into twitter as a part of my new years resolution.  I normally don't do these things because I normally never follow through with them but for 2013, I want to make it a year of consistency.  I want to be able to finish what I start.  So I figured, the easiest would be my blog.

I'm hoping to finally upload some outfits of the day and pictures of places I go!  I also look forward to doing videos again and continuing to track my weight loss progress through YouTube :)

This is a new year and maybe, just maybe a new me.

Happy New Year Everyone and I hope to talk to you more this year


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