BH Cosmetics Review

Hey everyone!
So guess what I got in the mail!  That's right, a eye shadow palette from BH Cosmetics!   It's the 88 Color Palette Matte Eye shadow.  So let me first say BH cosmetics package really well!  The palette came in a box probably 5x bigger then the palette and had plenty of packing material around it to make sure it didn't move an inch!  So here is the palette...

The colors in the palette are so bright I love it!

So the palette comes with two sponge applicators and a built in mirror.  I do wish that the lid was able to stay open so that I could use the mirror but it's nothing major because I have a make up mirror.

Now that have this palette I have decided to really start doing make up.  Normally I only wear foundation and liner because that's about as far as my ability of make up goes.  Today I was wearing this skirt that was off white with some sage green in it so I decided to do green make up! 

Here is a little diagram of what colors I used and where I used them.  Its color coordinated so I hope this is help for :)

I hope you like my review and my make up!  Look for a new video coming soon!


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