My Trip to Hmart!

Hey everyone :D

So there is really cool place called Hmart here in in Philadelphia, actually there is 4 of them, and I recently visited one on Sunday!  So Hmart is Korean Grocery Store that has a food court and Korean stores.  The hmart I went to was two floors with a couple of clothing stores, electronics store, salons, and a bakery called Paris Baguette.  Due to the fact it was Sunday some of the stores were closed but I did find a cute little clothing store that was open that had some really adorable clothes in it.  The clothes reminded of clothing you would see on which I really like.  It will be really nice after I reach my goal to come back a reward myself with a little shopping trip!

Me and my friend went around to the food court for some lunch.  I ordered ddeokbokki and pork buns that I shared with my friends.  A year ago, I would have ate my entire plate of ddeokbokki and all 4 of the giant pork buns that where bigger then my fist.  I ate about half of my ddeokbokki and one bun.  I felt good afterwards.  The ddeokbokki was slightly spicy but very tasty.  The rice cakes (The long thick bits) where totally new to me but they were yummy. You can't see it but there is a whole boiled egg on top of it that I ate which was different.

I'm excited to go back to Hmart another day when the other stores are open and also try another Hmart to see if they have different foods and different stores.  I love trying new foods and I hope to go back to Hmart and try more new foods. :D

Have you ever been to Hmart? Do you like Korean food?  Let me know in the comments what is your favorite Korean Dishes!


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