So I haven't posted in a while so I figured I'd do a re-introduction of who I am, what I do, what I like and what I would like to accomplish through this blog.

So my name is Dajanaye but everyone calls me D, trust me it makes life much easier.  I'm still 21 though I feel 31 in a good way.  Some things I enjoy doing are; playing tennis, shopping, working on my car, track racing my car, shopping, anything fashion related, and shopping.  People I like to listen to is almost anything with a catchy beat lol.  I don't like music that calls girls terrible names or people in general terrible names.  People I'm crazy about right now are; 2ne1, Orlando Bloom, Kelly Osbourne, Anna Wintour,  P'Trique, Joan Rivers, June Ambrose, Rachel Zoe, and Chanel Iman.  Things I can do without; Politics, being sweaty after tennis, negative heels, and negative people.

The reason why I wanted to come back to my blog was because I got inspired again to blog.  I stopped blogging was because I just didn't feel pretty enough to do a fashion blog.  After a bit of soul searching, finding new things to make me happy, and being surrounded by friendly people, I have discovered a new confidence and  passion.  Where should I begin to tell you about the new really cool things that have happened in the last couple of months.   Oh I know, how about losing 12 pounds!  I know it doesn't sound like much but pick up a 12 lbs bowling ball and you might understand a bit better.  I'm wearing shorts all the time now, yes I know it's September but that's the best time to wear them!  I play tennis 3 times a week and when I'm not hitting the ball over the fence, I'm actually pretty good :D

There has been other things that have reawakened my passion for fashion.  I have new friends that are into fashion. I watched most of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and side note I loved the Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe shows <3.

Lastly, I think learning to enjoying being by myself helped.  Before I felt very alone and terrible because I was by myself but now I've come find out that being by yourself sometimes isn't so bad.  I enjoy nice lunches at new restaurants I've always wanted to try.  Shopping by myself is fun because I love going into almost ever store, you have to do this even if it's not your style because you never know what pieces you might find that will work in your wardrobe.  People also seem more willing to talk to you when you are alone.  Now maybe it's because they pity you for being alone or they feel more comfortable talking to you because there isn't someone else blocking their chance but whatever the reason I like talking to new people :)

So before this becomes to long, I do want to mention the things I would like to have in this blog.  I'm definitely going to have fashion, my attempts at make up, and updates on me working out and losing weight!  I hope to do the vlogs again once I get a new camera and make some funny videos.  Here's hoping for the best!  Enjoy <3


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