Shoes to define me

So as many people know about me, I <3 shoes!  I'm already planning to convert one of the walls in my room  , the whole wall, into a wall of shoe art!  A shrine to all things that are fabulous about shoes.  Now some of you maybe be thinking, "Ok it's one thing to love shoes but a "Shoe Shrine"?".  Well let me tell you why I love shoes so much.  There was once a point in my life were I couldn't fit into anything.  I was over 200lbs wearing a size 16-18 and finding cute trendy clothes was a nightmare but I found solace in the fact that I always could fit into a really great pair of shoes.  I began collecting all kinds of shoes; pointed toe to rounded toe, platform to stiletto!  No shoe was beyond my reach.  I have now from the last time I counted about 40 pairs of shoes which includes; flats, platforms, pumps, wedges, boots, etc.  For years, shoes was an outlet, my portal into the inner sanctum that is Fashion.

The shoes above I believe describe me in terms of style very well!  Black for me doesn't have to be boring, I always feel a good black shoe can never go out of style and I can really allow myself to spend more for something that is an investment piece.  I can't just have a plain black shoe, I love edge that's why I picked out a lot of studs and the River Island Studded Motorcycle Boot to me is like casual rocker.  Thigh high boots are so awesome and I really got into them because I am huge fan of Rachel Zoe and I watched her look all the time, she is very good at making a thigh high boot look chic not skanky.

Now I may like a lot of black but every once in a while I like to mix it up and I do that with a great red pump!  To me a red pump is sexy and classic. It is another shoe that will never go out of style unless we all decide to outlaw the color red hehe.

What shoes define your style?  Are you fun and cute in a pair of espadrilles or rock & roll with a pair of leather motorcycle boots? Let me know in your comments below!


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