Quite Quiet with Chanel

Hey everyone!

So I just wanted to share some art I made on Polyvore. I am a big fan of Chanel Iman, I think she is prefection!  I made this with her in it but with my own dark sense of style.  I wanted the picture to convey a kinda dark creepy longing for Chanel.  I think the title "A little piece of quiet" normally wouldn't seem weird makes the image much more dark.  I didn't want to choose an image of Iman that was monotone because there was already so much black and white as it is, so I picked her in this adorable peachy pink pants suit.  Her facial expression seems to really work here for the theme of picture because she has an alluring look on her face that is just tempting the admirer to just come for her.  Anyway this was a short post just wanted to share this with all!  Let me know what you think : )


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