Hurricane Sandy

Hey everyone!

So as you know I live in Philadelphia, PA which sat conveniently in the path of Hurricane Sandy -.-
Anyway so I'm ok, I didn't loss power which is really good and the tree behind my house didn't fall into my house like I had feared.  It was really weird here during the storm, places and things that are normally open even in a blizzard were closed like SEPTA, which is our public transportation.  I've seen SEPTA buses running in a couple feet of snow but like many thing here, they were had shut down service.

Since Philadelphia had declared a state of emergency, the major highways were shutdown and the bridges to New Jersey were blocked by police.  Any and every store that sold food or anything useful was packed with people getting last minute stuff.  I had did my shopping early so I was good but at the last minute I ran out of  milk and bedding for my bunny, Mr. Bunny.  So went to target and it was so crowded.  I didn't really understand why people waited to the last minute to get things that had been talking about the hurricane all week!  I got my milk and bunny stuff then left because there was just way too many people in one place, it was suffocating.

As the storm got worse my job decided it was best not to open on Monday because they are in New Jersey so I got to enjoy a day on laying in bed and watching tons of YouTube Videos, I personally like TheRadBrad and RoosterTeeth.

Soon the storm passed and Tuesday I had to go back to work but as I started my drive to work it became quickly apparent that I and maybe 5 other people had to work that day.  The roads were so empty, I could have done donuts on 676 (a short section of highway in Philadelphia that is always semi to fully crowded with traffic) and no one would have noticed.  The drive into Jersey was even more empty then Philadelphia.  There was still debris and stuff on the highways and police had blocked off some roads completely.  Driving down 295 felt and looked like the opening cut scene to The Walking Dead game Episode 1, it was creepy and I just imaged something stumbling across the road.

On the bright side of things, I got my paycheck a day early so thanks Sandy!


P.S. I'm still going to do the Gangnam Style Dance!

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