Hey everyone

So day I decided to post pictures of a pair of pants that I made myself!  I wanted a pair of super wide leg pants  that will be great for spring especially for color blocking!  Standing straight, the pants look like a cute yellow maxi skirt but when you walk you can see they are pants.

The fabric is cotton/poly blend with an elastic waist because I made these pants on a whim so I didn't have a zipper on hand for these pants.  I personally like it with an elastic waist it makes them even more comfy.

The inside is completely finishes because I have a serger so i don't have to worry about seams coming apart.  I wear them outside yesterday and the weather was about 65F-70F degrees.  I didn't feel hot, I actually felt cool because they are so wide.  I made them long enough so that I can wear my platforms and you can just barely see the shoes.

I'm not a super seamstress and no where near project runway but I'm happy with them.  They fit great which I was shocked buy because I didn't use a pattern.  I honestly just eyeballed it and it came out right!

I'm hoping to do more sewing and show you all more stuff I make!


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