Hello...I am a magician


I know, I know I disappeared on you...again but I have a good excuse!  School and work has just been getting a rough because I am so close to graduation.  I am in my last semester and I'm so excited to be almost done.

Enough of my excuses because you are probably think, "Yeah yeah whatever D, we know you forgot us."  But I didn't, just been a bit busy.

Anyway what have I been up to besides work and school?  A lot of stuff.  I have been to NYC, ps I will post pictures of that, I went to Mitsuwa, been partying, and still trying to lose weight.  I will say to the weight thing that at least it isn't going up.

I will try to do videos and blog post more, maybe even stop disappearing hehe.

To make up for my absence here is pictures :D

I started making Bento Boxes!

Me with my friend Rachel at The Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

Me and Connor from Assassin's Creed 3 at Sakura Sunday!

I got my Japanese Magazines YAY!
Yummy Japanese food

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