Sewing Haul!

So take I went to Jomar's and AC Moore today.  So if you aren't from philly you are probably sitting there saying what is Jomar's?!  Jomars is discount department store that has almost everything in it for a really low price!  They even have a fabric section and that's where I was.  So I have gotten back my love for sewing as you saw in my last post with the yellow pants.

So as you can see I got quite a lot!    So let me first start with the jersey fabrics I bought, I love the prints on them!!  I'm planning to make the white favorite into a fabulous white maxi dress and the red will be a pretty "waterfall" skirt.  I don't know the name of this style of skirt, short in the front and gradually gets longer in the back, but I heard someone call it a waterfall skirt so that's what I'm going to do!!

I got some really cute charms (from AC Moore) to go on the zippers of some clutches I'm making.  The orange and purple geometric fabric is something I had and I'm going to use it as a lining.

The vinyls that I have will be great clutches and bags.  In one of the picture I have even started making a cute black and whites fringe cross body bag.       

All together I spent about 30 bucks at Jomars for all that Fabric and about 8 dollars at AC Moore for the charms!  It's a great deal and I love everything I got.  If you live in the Philadelphia area this is a great place to go and not just for fabric, they had some really cute shoes!  

Hope you enjoyed :-)


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