Dressbarn and Target Haul

So I had to find a dress for Easter dinner with my family.  It couldn't be none of my normal "weird" outfits that my family says I wear.  So I decided today to venture into Dressbarn.  Dressbarn is really for ladies that are more mature then me but they had some cute dresses in the window so I decided to give it try.  I tried on about  5 dresses, one of being a beautiful lace form fitting cocktail dress that was just a little too much boob for a family dinner lol  So the dress I picked was this cute white dress with chocolate brown flower details.  I'm sorry the picture is crappy I tried to find the dress on their website but it wasn't there, it wasn't even in the sale section (even though it wasn't on sale when I bought it).

So I really like this dress.  I think it is fun but also formal enough for a family dinner.    The fabric is really nice satin and is very soft.  The floral details on the dress is dark chocolate brown and I think it makes it more appropriate for spring instead of a harsh monochrome black and white.  It has a full skirt that will be very flattering and has a matching.

I also saw a really cute bag!  It looks like leather but its really faux and its a really nice faux leather piece.  It feels very sturdy and it really adorable!  The strap is removable so it can become a clutch.  I wish this was leather and that's about it for my complaints.  Its a great bag I think and only $25 bucks.  Click here to see the bag on the website.

I also picked up this necklace while I was waiting in line.  It's a nice long faux pearl necklace that I've always wanted but never got around to getting one.  I plan on wearing it with that dress tomorrow and I think pearls are just so timeless and classy.  Now I did say they are faux so they did flake a little when I got them out the bag which sucks but they still look nice.  I paid $16.99 for the necklace but I don't see that necklace online so here is another necklace online that is is similar.

Now this last thing I got I didn't pay for, it came free after I spent I believe $100 bucks.  I did buy some other things that I didn't it up to push me over to get the tote.  There is polkadots on the straps and a bow that just makes it so adorable.  I think I'll use it at my new school bag!

Lastly I went to Target to get some stuff for my Easter dinner and I just could help myself to go to the make up section.  I'm trying to get better at make up so I'm stocking up on lots of make up:)  Today I got the e.l.f eyeliner & shadow stick in purple/plum and the e.l.f. Pigment eyeshadow in Tropical Teal.  I would show you how I used the make up but as of right now I am only successful at making myself look like a clown hehe.  Anyway I really like these items, they go on nice and thick.  They seem to blend good and the Shadow Stick seems really great for a noob like me.  Now with the pigment eyeshadow, the only thing I don't like about it is that it seems to be really hard to get the powder out of the little holes.  It took some banging but I got the powder to come out and its a really pretty color!
Anyway so that's what I bought today, stay tuned for a new video coming out hopefully tomorrow.


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