The Gym

So today I finally got back into the gym after being really sick!  I go to the Philadelphia Sports Club (PSC) and I love my gym :D.  Its small and very clean.  The staff are very friendly and the people for the most part are nice, thou to be honest I can't really tell because everyone keeps to themselves.

I tried to take pictures at the gym without drawing too much attention to myself and I pretty much failed but here they are anyway lol Sorry they are from my cellphone. All the Stations have TVs on them which is great because I want to be watching Mythbusters while my legs are giving out on the StairMaster.

Someone please tell me how to use the Kettle bells!  I feel like an idiot every time I try lol
The straps on the metal thing,I know nothing about this I avoid when I'm in the gym, looks kinda like some bondage porno equipment. It weird I don't go near it and I never see anyone ever use it.

Anyway, the PSC is awesome and I hope that it will be the place where I become a super hottie with a body ;)    I'm going to start doing videos about my progress at the gym, you can watch me in almost real time as I lose weight!!


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