So today I'm sad.  I had applied for a job that I thought was so cool and they decided to go with someone else with more experience.  I wish I was given the chance to show my skills but it is was it is and all I can do is go forward :)

So today I went out to get Mr. Bunny some food.  He really like the Timothy Rabbit food that has cranberries in it.  He gets very excited when he sees the bag that he is going for the bag before I can get the food in his bowl hehe.  After that I just took a drive around the city just to clear my head and make me feel better.  I know things will get better so I just have to be patient :D

Anyway here is what I wore today!!

I feel a little like John Lennon


Yes I am a nail biter hehe
This isn’t really dressy but I’m wearing some of my favorite pieces :) My most favorite is my Schiaparelli hat! I got this hat from my grandfather who wore it decades ago. I did some research on the brand and found out the lady was italian. She was one of Coco Chanel’s Biggest competitors but due to the fact that she did not change with the time she was left behind and went out of business. I think it is so cool and a great piece of history. :)



  1. That owl ring is really cute! And nice blog by the way!