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Hey everyone long time no post!

Yeah sorry about that. Anyway, I wanted to come back with a great post.  So anyone that knows me, knows I stay in the sale section.  I go straight to the sale section of Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf, and hell even Marshalls.  Quick second, can we talk about how Marshalls is pretty awesome.  It's like treasure hunting, some times you find nothing but other times you find a cute pair of Ivanka Trump Black/Gold Boots.  I love sifting for a good deal on a designer piece in the sales racks.

Moving on to what we are here for, my review of my first purchase from  I have been looking at this site for a while.  Fashionphile is a luxury goods resale store.  They will buy your Chanel bags, Hermes bracelets, etc and resale it in their stores.  Sadly for me the stores are only in California but they have an online store that is updated quite often.

Let talk about the site!
The site is simple and clean that is easy to navigate but I did run into a problem when looking for shoes.  You cannot filter for shoe size, you have to use the search field to find your shoe size and then it will bring up all the shoes in the size you asked for.   So if you are looking for a pair of Christian Louboutins, make sure to sure to search by your European size in the search field then filter by brand.  It's not a big deal but it's good to know so you don't sit there scratching your head asking yourself, "Why can't I find my size?!".

My Order!
So I have had my yellow Hiroko Koshino wallet for about 2 years now.  I loved it but it was starting to show it's age so it was time put it to rest and get a new one. I combed through the site for a while and finally found something I loved.  It is the Prada Saffiano Metal Continental Wallet in Ibisco.  It's a used Prada wallet with some scuffs on the corners but it's not bad and not really noticeable unless seen up close.  All of this was noted in detail on the website.  They are very honest and thorough about the condition of the items.  As someone that buys used and vintage times often, the wear on this wallet is not bad at all.  The previous owner took very good care of this wallet.

Shipping and Packing!
So before I ordered this wallet, I called Fashionphile's Carlsbad location where the wallet was to make sure it was still available and I was assured that if the item is still on the site, you can still buy it.  I called because they have a feature on the site that lets you see how many people have that item in their shopping cart.  I saw some people had this wallet in their cart so I just wanted to make sure it was still there.  What I saw after I confirmed my purchase was that the wallet's page changed to sold and the wallet was gone from the listing.  So you don't have to call, just buy it before someone else does!  I bought the wallet in the morning and the same day it was shipped out.  They use Fedex and require a signature upon delivery, which is great when we are talking about ordering items from the site that can easily cost $6,000+ usd like a Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bag.  When the wallet arrived it was packaged beautifully!  My wallet did not have its original box or dust bag, some items do come with their original box and bag, so Fashionphile provide their own dust bag.  The wallet was in the dust bag, in a clear shopping bag, in tissue paper, in packing paper, with cute decorative tissue paper.  It was like opening a christmas present! There was also nice Fashionphile logo embossed envelope that contained my receipt and card about the store.  I want to order from them again just so I can open my package.

My Verdict! 
If you enjoy a thrill of the hunt for a good deal, this site is for you.
If you enjoy secondhand luxury goods, this site is for you.
If you enjoy pretty packaging, this site is definitely for you.
How can I hate this place,  they have layaway for god's sake!  Can't get any better than that.

Check out what's new in their wallet section and happy shopping!


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